MH370 – A tangled web of deceit.

As we approach the fifth anniversary of the hijacking of the airliner, there do not appear to be any explanations that are presented from official sources that are universally accepted as a representation of the proper truth about the incident. There are no clear views that the proper truth is even discover-able, and many minds belong to a club that believes the only way to deliver any different explanation is to find the aircraft hull. Most official efforts are now technically suspended on the basis that there is nowhere further to look.

My reasoning took a different approach to the concept of the discovery of the proper truth. As I walked along the timeline of events and the sequential submission of information and explanations, there emerged a clear pattern of incongruent associations between the pieces of evidence that would normally be expected to show consistency and compatibility. That led to defined ‘oddities’ that were to grow to 50 in number. Too many to be ignored, too many to be irrelevant, too many to not examine in more detail.

The product of that reasoning is a privateer’s investigative review, that presents a series of propositions about aspects of the incident that is irrefutable evidence of embedded deceit, hence the byline ‘A Tangled web of deceit’. These propositions will challenge the notion that the proper truth is out of reach, and in fact is visible in plain sight, and its identification does not rely on recovery of the physical aircraft at all. All of the clues exist, all of the means of collection of evidence exist, to develop a meaningful explanation of the proper truth pertaining to the hijacking of the MH370 flight.

The investigative review “The MH370 Hijack Investigation – A Tangled Web of Deceit” that is published here gives account of a set of propositions and explanations that are not even close to what popular opinion currently embraces. They are both propositional and prescriptive and deal with the entire incident rather than just being piecemeal. The incident started with a set of deceitful actions (a hijacking) that was a deliberate plan to deceive the aviation control systems and take a fully loaded passenger jet to an alternate destination. Official efforts to decipher that set of actions would inspire a chain of other inputs that appear in their own right to be deceitful.

Early opinions postulated that the hijacking was likely to be the work of a rogue MAS pilot can not be sustained when all available evidence is examined in a granular manner. In the Graham Leishman review, Capt Zaharie Shah is disqualified as a candidate for the hijacking. Which means that the proper truth will be revealed in different interpretations of the available, or yet to be discovered, evidence.

The review will challenge opinions that have evolved and are now internalised as private truths in the psyche of many participants and observers. The review will be resented and roundly condemned by those who have been targeted as possible purveyors of deceit. A few simple tests will force the proper truth into view. Once the thread is exposed, the entire mosaic of deceit will collapse.

It is absolutely true that the review will only appeal to individuals who can truly claim to be open-minded and receptive to discovery. It will only suit those readers who are not satisfied with the current explanations and findings. It is a 200 page document, but some elements are discretionary reading.


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