About Me

Graham Leishman

One of Australia’s baby boomers, born in Brisbane 1944, and probably now technically retired but there are still not enough hours in the day to complete my tasks.

My background is considered ‘colourful’ but is a major factor in being able to turn my hand, and mind, to almost anything that triggers my interest.  I have a few projects that are percolating in my mind, but they have temporarily been displaced by my commitment to the MH370 investigative review.

I have a set of beliefs and opinions that might not suit every person I bump into on my journey through life, but by enlarge I live a calm and peaceful existence.  That said, I will be willing to provide some gratuitous advice which is offered without the obligation to heed.  Some readers of my work might not appreciate my logic and apparent impression sometimes of tendencies toward detached emotion, but that is not a true indication of being an insensitive individualist.

email:        grahaml@grahamleishman.com