MH370 - Materials I have developed for public review.

MH370 – 52 Anomalies in the evidence.

Reasons to consider the presence of deceit in the current interpretations and findings presented by investigators.  A 7 page pdf file.

MH370 – Is the ‘roy’ debris fragment forged?

A case is presented that raises the prospect that the debris has been fabricated to mislead the investigation.  If that was the case the fallout would undermine the entire SIO modelling assumptions.  A 9 page pdf file.

MH370 – Is the flaperon a human forgery?

A full analysis of the evidence would suggest that the flaperon was procured, prepared and deployed by humans.  The concept of a workshop test to show how that human preparation might have been performed on a panel that was never separated in flight.   A 13 page pdf file.

MH370 – An investigation or comedy script?

A review of key elements of evidence that demonstrates logical disconnects in the sequences.  Retrospective adjustments that are not consistent with the real-time flow of events, degrade the quality of the investigators’ published findings.  A 22 page pdf file – at a price of $1.10.